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Digital Transformation-as-a-Service

Our Vision :

We thrive to be leader in digital innovation and business transformation services.

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Our Approach :

We adopt consultative and collaborative framework in integrating best-of-class digital advances to drive your business objectives.
We understand your challenges to enhance your business agility and resiliency through our dX-As-A-Service (XaaS) business model. 
We provide simplified, scalable and flexible solutions to the different stages of your business needs with a broad-based approach in the most effective form.

Our Management Team

Wilson is an established entrepreneur and a certified practicing management consultant with a combined experience of 25 years in facility management, project management, emergency, and compliance management in the built environment. He has been featured in publications including The Straits Times, The Business Times and SME Magazine. 


His achievements include the successful implementation of multi-million complex intelligent building management system, driving the global outsourced model for facility and project management in Asia Pacific and the development of innovative, integrated management applications and solutions for safety compliances. 


Wilson embraces technology and aspires to develop sustainable solutions to digitize, converge and to simplify management of living and working space, with a vision to be the leading provider in digital innovation and business transformation services for businesses.

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Our Services

What We Offer

XaaS Pte Ltd


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  • General Digital Application Development

  • Robotic Application 

  • Mobile Application

  • Chatbot Application

  • Machine-learning Application

  • Integrated Digital Services Management

  • Learning-as-a-Service

  • Platform-as-a-Service

  • Software-as-a-Service

  • IoT-as-a-Service

  • IT-as-a-Service

  • People-as-a-Service

  • Management Consulting

  • Grant Consulting

  • Loan Consulting

  • Project Consulting

  • M&A Consulting

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